Sirion Staff

Joining our staff is not one easy task. Since our goal is to deliver a flawless server experience, we're looking for people who can help make the server a better place and make it closer to reaching our goal of perfection. Our server consists of a few different staff ranks.

A moderator's job is to make sure players are happy, and entertained. If small disputes arise among players, moderators are automatically expected to be able to resolve the problem. However, if the issue is too big for our moderators to handle, it is moderators' responsibility to contact the Head Moderator or an Administrator. Moderators must also know about the server runs, for example, its plugins. If a player has questions about how to do something on the server, all moderators are expected to be able to answer most questions with ease.

Administrators are expected to do everything a moderator and head moderator must do, and more. Administrators watch over and assist both moderators as well as the head moderator to make sure they're doing their job correctly, and much more. Administrators are expected to be able to help set things up and create new features for the server, as well as take player suggestions. Administrators keep in touch in a group-chat using Google+ Hangouts to discuss what is currently going on with the server, as well as future possible features, Arcade Games, etc.

The Owners keep the server running. They observe everything happening on the server, keep it running smoothly, making tweaks and adjustments, and keep in touch with the rest of the staff. Not only do they manage what's happening on the server, they're always working behind the scenes. Configuring the server, adjusting ranks, setting up permissions, and checking on our Bukkit and Spigot plugins.
*Please avoid asking for staff ranks, if we think you're a good fit the rank will find it's way towards you!