Donator Ranks

Donating is the best way to help support the server. It allows us to expand, support more players, get more features, and more. Donating gets you one of three exclusive ranks, which gets you some fun commands and permissions as well as a corresponding tag in front of your name showing off that you have donated to the server!

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Donator VIP MVP
Donators get some basic aesthetic features, like trails. You'll also receive some minor perks, like the ability to craft on a crafting table anywhere with just a command, as well as the ability to use colored chat.VIPs get access to everything Donators do, and more! VIPs also gain the ability to format their chat, use the unique HD font

in chat, as well as gain access to more aesthetic features.

MVPs have access to every single aesthetic there is to offer, as well as everything Donators and VIPs have. On top of that, MVPs have access to limited World Edit within the Creative world!
$5 $25 $50
*We do take partial payments, but you will only receive your rank when it reaches the amount of the corresponding rank.

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