Welcome to Sirion, a simple 1.8 Minecraft Spigot server that gives you a fun, minimalistic and professional experience with a kind, respectful community.

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Our Different Worlds

In our Survival world, you get to decide what biome you start your adventure in. In our Creative world, you can decide to build in a nice large plot with your friends, or to try make it on your own and get into the Build Team!


Our Economy

The server economy connects our two worlds into one fluid experience. To gain money, either sell some items in Survival or win a contest in Creative. In Survival you can make your own shop and invite players over, or you can use our very own server shop!


Our Goal

We want to get back to Minecraft's roots. Minigames are a huge craze, but Sirion is all about having the best experiences that Minecraft was meant to provide. We want to provide a simple experience with Survival and Creative modes and to connect the two with our economy. We want to provide a simplistic high quality Minecraft experience.